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A Testing Facility To Burn Coal More Efficiently Will Be Built In Wyoming

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. logo
Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.

A company attempting to improve the burning efficiency of coal has found a permanent site for a testing facility. Clean Coal Technologies, Inc. (CCTI) will build just outside of Gillette in Fort Union Park. 

The company spent five months in search for the right location within Campbell County, to be closer to the Powder River Basin.

CCTI is a New York-based company and a partner with the University of Wyoming.

Aiden Neary, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of the company, said Fort Union will have everything the company needs to start production.

“For example, it’s on rail and it’s got all the core infrastructure that we need including energy as in electricity, water etc. It’s also conveniently located close to Gillette,” he said.

Neary said the next step is permitting required to actually reassemble the facility. The company used to have facilities in Oklahoma. But Neary says Wyoming is better.

"By moving it to Wyoming to this independent site, we’re able to actually bring coal in from India, Indonesia, Russia, and Saudi Arabia and actually test the coal,” he said.

Neary said the company will take that international coal, as well as domestic coal and test it, seeing if there are ways to manufacture it to burn more efficiently or with less pollution.

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