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New Program Will Study Diabetes Management In Wyoming


A new program led by the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy will study how Type 2 diabetes patients around the state manage their disease.

As part of the Integrated Pharmacist Program, pharmacists take an online training on motivational interviewing. That way, when patients come into the pharmacy for diabetes or hypertension medication they can ask them questions about how they can focus their goals to better manage their condition.

Pharmacies in Cheyenne and Jackson will pilot the program, and the goal is to encourage 20 pharmacies around the state to participate, as well.

Health care providers specializing in diabetes are rare, so conducting this program in pharmacies makes a lot of sense according to Thanh-Nga Nguyen, a pharmacist in Cheyenne who is helping lead the study

“They are usually the first line of contact with a patient so we hope that maybe being more visible, being more accessible, and also because they are well trained, potentially we can utilize their educational training.”

As of 2014, the CDC estimated around eight out of every 100 adults in Wyoming had Type 2 diabetes. Nguyen said they already know the scope of the problem.

“Yes, we have the disease and we have obesity. Yes we have hypertension. We know we have the medication, but the hurdle is ‘if I have the disease do I want to do anything about it?”

Nguyen said the program will gather data on chronic disease management and offer strategies for patients to live a healthier lifestyle.

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