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UW Symphony Concert Features Three Soloists


The University of Wyoming Symphony Orchestra performs its second concert of the season this week. Music Director Michael Griffith says the concert challenges some common assumptions about classical music. “We’re starting the concert with a Mozart Concerto for Flute and Harp, which is really unusual. You don’t think of harp as a soloist and you certainly don’t think of harp and a flute together as dual soloists.”

The harp will also feature in a piece by Debussy. And the flute, played by former UW faculty member Rod Garnett, isn’t the standard metal type. Griffith says Garnett will perform on the wooden flute used in the early 19th century. The concert also features a piece written by Garnett for flute, penny whistle, and string orchestra, and Haydn's Symphony No. 101. The UW Symphony performs Debussy & the Classics at 7:30 Thursday (Oct. 30) in the Performing Arts Concert Hall.

Peter Steiner is a student at the University of Wyoming pursuing a degree in international studies. A native from Colorado, Peter enjoys riding bikes and climbing trees. He has just returned from living in Argentina where their focus and attention on art and culture had resonated with him and inspired a passion to do the same. When he is not reporting you are most likely to find him studying or listening to “This American Life.” Peter reports on arts and culture for Wyoming Public Media.

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