Red Onion Museum – Upton

Oct 1, 2015
Weston County Museum District

When arriving at the Red Onion Museum in Upton, Wyoming, many visitors ask how the museum came upon its unusual name. They ask “Do you grow red onions?”  It all started when Walter K. “Jarbo” Poulson owned and operated the Red Onion Saloon in Upton for many years. During prohibition, the saloon closed. He moved what remained of the Red Onion Saloon to the barn on his property, which he named the Red Onion Ranch. 

What are your thoughts on the proposed Rare Earth Mine near Sundance?

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Stephanie Joyce

They’ve been called the secret ingredient of everything. Rare earths are a group of elements that make much of today’s technology possible, from smartphones to wind turbines to precision-guided missiles. For decades, China has dominated the rare earth market, but amid questions about the wisdom of allowing one country to control the supply chain, a mining project in Wyoming is getting underway. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Stephanie Joyce reports, if the mine opens, it would be only be the second one in the United States and the first new one in decades.

The Cemetery Fire just east of Upton is about 75 percent contained, and Weston County Fire Warden Daniel Tysdal is optimistic it will be 100 percent contained by tomorrow.

Tysdal says evacuation orders have all been lifted, but the fire did destroy some structures.

“We believe we’ve lost one primary residence and multiple outbuildings,” Tysdal said. “There’s still a couple of homeowners that we need to make contact with and verify exactly what they had for outbuildings, but right now I can say ... it was one primary residence and numerous outbuildings.”

Twelve homes have been evacuated because of a fire near Upton, in northeast Wyoming, and another 20 are on pre-evacuation status.

Weston County Sheriff Bryan Colvard says the fire is a mile east of Upton and isn’t threatening the town at the moment, but he says residents need to be vigilant.