Zika Virus Makes First Appearance In Wyoming

Aug 12, 2016

Credit Beth.herlin via Wikipedia Commons

A Campbell County woman caught the Zika virus while traveling outside the country, and after her return started showing symptoms like fever, rash and joint paint. Department of Health spokeswoman Kim Deti says Wyoming was one of the last states to report a case.

The virus spreads through a certain type of mosquito, but Deti says those mosquitos cannot survive in Wyoming.

“The mosquitos that transmit Zika virus aren’t going to like our climate. It’s not going to take hold here,” says Deti. “This development was expected but is really no sign that things have changed for people here in Wyoming.”

Deti says despite the case, the Department still has the same recommendations: if you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you should check with the Center for Disease Control before traveling to an area with Zika. The virus can be passed to babies during pregnancy and can cause brain-related birth defects. The Campbell County woman who caught the virus is not currently pregnant.