Wyoming Women March

Jan 23, 2017

Women from the Wyoming Art Party march in Cheyenne.
Credit Maggie Mullen

Cities and towns all over the world and communities across Wyoming hosted women’s marches on Saturday in response to President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Katie Christensen with her four-month-old daughter.
Credit Maggie Mullen

In Cheyenne, 1,200 people from the city and surrounding areas marched on Capitol Avenue. There was enough of an interest in the Laramie community that the non-profit, Forward Wyoming, rented a chartered bus to transport marchers to Cheyenne.

At the capitol, a huge crowd gathered with large banners and glittery uterus signs. Katie Christensen brought her four-month-old daughter.

“I’m so pleasantly surprised and I’m ecstatic that so many people are here,” said Christensen.

Christensen had a clear reason for marching: “To protect my rights and hers,” said Christensen.

Marchers ride a bus from Laramie to Cheyenne.
Credit Maggie Mullen

Marcher Amber McNew said it’s important for Wyoming to participate.

“We gotta speak out, you know,” said McNew. “I think people forget about us, so we gotta make them know we’re here.”

Prior to the march, the Wyoming Art Party organized workshops in Laramie where community members could create their signs and banners. Wyoming Art Party’s Adrienne Vetter said the march was a positive effort to celebrate women.

“The banner behind us reads ‘Wild Wombs of The West,’ and so we’re women of Wyoming, we’re western, and we’re marching,” said Vetter. 

Marches also took place in Casper, Jackson, Lander, Cody, Pinedale, and Rock Springs, Powell, and in communities across Wyoming.