Wyoming Hunting And Fishing Licenses To Get Longer Lifespan

Feb 2, 2019

Brook Trout caught (and subsequently released) on an olive Woolly Bugger in a high mountain lake in Wyoming's Wind River Range.
Credit Philthy54, Wikimedia Commons

Some fishing and hunting licenses will now be valid for 12 months after the date of purchase. Previously, all licenses from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department expired January 1, even if the license was only bought a week earlier.

Now, licenses for fishing and hunting small game, game bird and furbearers are on a new system. If you buy the license August 5, you renew it the next August 5.

Sara DiRienzo with the Game and Fish said this should help fishers and hunters get the maximum value out of their license.

"People who want to fish all year round will see a huge advantage to this because they can fish over holidays, where they might have before had to remember to purchase their license again on January 1. Which is something people maybe aren't thinking about right in the new year," said DiRienzo.

One exception to this new policy is fishing and hunting privileges for non-resident elk hunters. Those licenses are still on a one calendar year cycle.

In recent years the Game and Fish Department has worked to streamline the license system. Last year, game wardens began accepting electronic copies on mobile devices for hunting, fishing and conservation stamps. And in 2017, after some legal changes, the department was able to start offering five-day fishing license to non-residents.