Women Encouraged To Participate In National Voices of Women In America Survey

Dec 20, 2019

The Wyoming Council for Women is encouraging women throughout the state to fill out an online survey. It asks about issues that impact women’s daily lives at home and in the workplace.

Council Chair Jennifer Wilmetti said it's important to hear as many women's voices as possible so to make sure the council understands the diversity of issues affecting women in Wyoming.

"We might not be exactly representative of the women as a whole because, for example, many of us have jobs that will allow us to take time away to go and work with the council," she said. "Whereas women who are working jobs that don't have that flexibility might have issues that are different than ours are."

Wilmetti also said the survey aims to gather information about the needs of entire communities.

"Childcare might not be an issue for an individual, but they can recognize that it is an issue in their community."

The Voices of Women in America survey is being conducted by the National Association of Commissions for Women. The data will be shared in July 2020 and the Wyoming Women Council will use it to help understand what issues women are facing in the state. The last day to fill out the survey is December 31.

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