Transition to new Education Director is underway

Feb 5, 2013

Governor Matt Mead says he has met with employees at the State Department of Education and members of the State Board of Education to make sure there will be a smooth transition as they hire a Wyoming Education Director. 

The Legislature stripped many of State Superintendent Cindy Hill’s powers, and she has been relocated to an office a block away from the Department of Education.

Mead said the State Board of Education will submit three names for the governor to consider for Director. He adds that it will be an open search.

“We need that process open now, because of all the angst that we are going through right now, I want the people to know who those three names are and I want them to be able to evaluate the board’s decision on those three names and they need to evaluate my decision on that one name.”

Mead says when he met with State Department of Education employees many were emotional and indicated that they were pleased with the changes at the top.