'Threshold' Season 1 Preview: The Story Of Bison And People

Mar 2, 2017

Each season, Threshold podcast explores one story from the natural world, and what it says about us. Season one focuses on the American bison. Dig into the history of the American bison, from their arrival in North America, to current controversies surrounding their management today. 

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You can hear the entire first season at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday March 5, March 12, and March 19. 

Have you had a memorable encounter with a bison?

Something funny? Scary? An experience that made you angry? Happy? Something that totally surprised you?

Threshold wants to hear about it! The producers are collecting buffalo stories from people all over the country. If you've got one, call them. They may include your voice on the first season of Threshold.

Here's how:

Call 1-800-437-3009 and enter code #31488. You'll hear a little greeting, and then just...tell your story.

Or, you can record a voice memo on your phone, and text it to:  listeners@thresholdpodcast.org.

You don't have to identify yourself if you don't want to, but if you're so inclined, leave your name and some way to contact you, in case Threshold would like to follow up and hear more.