State Investment Bill Advances To The Senate

Feb 20, 2018

Despite some strong opposition, the Wyoming House of Representatives gave final approval to a bill that would set up an investments task force with the goal of getting more money out of Wyoming’s investments. 

Credit Legislative Service Office

Last year lawmakers added seven new members to the treasurer’s office to address investments and opponents of the House bill 74 say spending more money on a task force is a waste. House Appropriations Chairman Bob Nicholas disagrees saying that the task force will dig deeper into the issue.
“Going at looking at what some of the other states who are successful in doing it are doing and come up with at least tentative proposals on whether or not we can increase our basis points on our return of investments funds of over $30 million and make more money.”

Nicholas says investment income might be able to seriously cut into Wyoming’s revenue shortfall. The bill now goes to the Senate for continued debate