Snow Storm Threatens Stream Flooding

May 18, 2017

Rocky Mountains, Wind River Range
Credit Provided by Wikipedia

A flood watch is active in the north central part of Wyoming. Recent warm weather combined with a spring snow storm is speeding up the already high levels of runoff in the state’s mountains.  

Streams in the eastern and central part of the state are also beginning to run high: in the Shoshone, Big Horn, Wind, and Powder River Basins.  

In the Wind River Mountains, snow pack is 237-percent higher than usual according to the emergency management agency in Fremont County. 

Pat Kondas, the public relations officer with the county’s emergency management, said officials from Homeland Security and the National Guard have set up barriers filled with dirt at critical points to redirect runoff from overflowing streams.  

She said it's “still just pre-emptive work. Flooding has not started and it won’t until whatever’s melting comes down from the mountains.”

Kondas said residents can pick up their own sandbags at road and bridge shops around Fremont County.