Senator Wants Citizens To Help Review Education Requirements

Mar 6, 2020

Wyoming State Senator Affie Ellis.

Cheyenne Senator Affie Ellis successfully added an amendment to include more non-politicians in discussions over how Wyoming spends its education money.

The amendment was added to a bill where the legislature will conduct its five year review of school spending. Ellis wants an advisory committee of educators, parents and even a student to be involved in that effort and recommend changes that could be made to the basket of education requirements.


Gillette Senator Jeff Wasserburger said recalibrating the model is a legislative responsibility, but others say Ellis is on the right track when it comes to involving more people. She said lawmakers should not be afraid of the feedback.


"And maybe they shoot the moon and they come up with some great things and maybe they don't. But at the end of the day when people ask me can we do it better? What do other states do? Is there a better way? I'm tired of saying I don't know. I'm tired of that, said Ellis.


Supporters say business people and those from higher education could be added to the list.

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