Senate Supports Concealed Carry In Meetings And K-12 Schools

Feb 24, 2017

The Wyoming Senate has given initial approval to a pair of gun bills and defeated another. 

The Senate voted down allowing concealed guns on the University of Wyoming and community college campuses, but supported allowing guns at government meetings and voted to allow K-12 school boards to decide if some personnel should be allowed to have concealed weapons in schools. 

Credit Wyoming LSO

During debate over whether concealed carry permit holders should be allowed in public meetings, Senator Curt Meier said those people will help protect  those in attendance. Senate President Eli Bebout added that concealed carry permit holders respect the law.

“They’re people who are willing to do a background check and be fingerprinted. So, you are putting a weapon in the hands of those who understand and respect the law.”

That bill will be debated two more times.   

The Senate also approved a measure allowing local school boards to decide if personnel should be allowed to carry guns.

Senate Education Chairman Hank Coe says a number of school districts are concerned about the safety of children in some of the more rural areas of the state. He says the bill would allow school boards to decide who could carry a gun and would then require those people to undergo extensive training. 

“Boy if you’re going to have somebody that has a concealed carry permit, who’s employed by the school district, who the local school board has designated to do what they’re doing. Let’s make sure they’re properly trained.”

That bill will also be debated two more times.