Salmon Research In The Northwest Could Help Wyoming Fish

Mar 17, 2014

A study by several University of Wyoming researchers on salmon spawning in the Pacific Northwest could help pacific fish populations as well as Wyoming trout numbers. Clifford Riebe is an assistant professor in UW's Geology Department and helped author the study.

The report says certain kinds of riverbeds help salmon spawning and since trout and salmon are closely related Riebe says managers in both areas could use the data to grow fish populations.

Clifford Riebe said "a manager could then figure out using our model they could figure out how much of the bed is usable for that particular fish. And it should work for any fish that spawn in the same way as the pacific salmon that we studied in our work. And this is generally true of the trout that we find in Wyoming."

Reibe says the work UW researchers are doing could help salmon populations that have declined by as much as 99 percent in some areas or have been completely wiped out.