"Rev Up The Rez Vote" Events Provide Food And Games To Increase Voter Participation

Oct 26, 2018

Credit Andi Clifford

On the Wind River Indian Reservation, there have been a string of events to stir up excitement for the upcoming mid-term election. These events have included games, candidate speeches, and food. Securing the votes from the Wind River Reservation could win two Northern Arapaho candidates seats in Wyoming's legislature.

Andi Clifford is Northern Arapaho and is running or House District 33. She says that she brings a diverse background and respect for the elders in the community to the table.

" You know my passion is policy, its human resources and creating jobs. That's my passion, that's my background, I know how important that is."

Sergio Maldonado is running for Senate in District 25. He says there should be more direct communication from legislators with the business councils of either tribe.

"Our legislative people who have anything to do with the reservation community, they should be coming to our chambers and sit down and tell the chambers, the business councils, our elected political tribal leaders what they are doing. Not the historical dog and pony show."

He says there are barriers that exist in Indian country that don't exist for non-Natives.

"There's a level of collective apprehension, not so much fear but apprehension about a system that has been so suppressive to people."

The final "Rev Up The Rez Vote" will be held at the Frank B. Wise Building in Fort Washakie October 28 at 2 p.m. Both Clifford and Maldonado will be speaking about what they plan to accomplish if elected.