Ramaco Set To Open Expanded Sheridan Carbon Research Center In Early Summer

Feb 5, 2020

Conceptual design of the iCam
Credit Ramaco Carbon

Ramaco Carbon expects to open its Sheridan-based research park, iCAM, and associated campus early this summer. The Kentucky coal company wants to use the facility to research and develop new uses for Wyoming coal from rebar to car products.

Ramaco CEO Randy Atkins said iCAM will feature lab operations along with pilot facilities to work on new research and development. He said the scope of the project has actually grown.

"One of the delays we've had is we've actually expanded the facility. It will be almost twice as big as we originally designed it; we can accommodate a number of the different types of research activities that we have added on since we originally designed the facility," he said, adding it could employ 15 to 25 people right away.

Ramaco also plans to mine coal near its facility, which has faced extensive legal and public intervention. The first permit was submitted in 2014.

Atkins said he expects an answer on a new draft permit in the next couple of weeks.

"Certainly it's been one of the longer permit experiences that I've ever been involved. So, we're hopeful that it's coming to a close," he said.

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality said its reviewing the draft permit, but would not give a timeline.

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