Proposed School Construction Constitutional Amendment Tabled

Mar 31, 2021

Credit Melodie Edwards

The House Education Committee has tabled a proposed constitutional amendment dealing with school construction. It likely kills the bill.

The proposal by Casper Sen. Charles Scott would have required local citizens to pay for school construction through a local vote called a bond issue. Currently, the state is required to pay for the building and maintenance of schools.

Scott told the committee that it costs the state close to $300 million, but Casper Rep. Steve Harshman said Scott's numbers are overblown. He argued that those numbers have decreased as the state has replaced a number of schools across the state and added that the current system works fine.

"This baby needs a lot more work, this whole idea...I think there are better solutions. But I appreciate you bringing it, I like the way you're always thinking," said Harshman.

Pinedale Rep. Albert Sommers also objected to the wording in the proposed amendment that he called subjective.