October 19th, 2018


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Westmoreland's Bankruptcy And The Fall of Coal-Fired Power Plants

Westmoreland Coal Company has filed for bankruptcy. It’s one of the largest and oldest coal producers in North America. The company’s fall is one of the latest signs coal markets are not bouncing back, despite the Trump Administration's intentions. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.

Obscure Bells From the Philippines Stir One-Hundred Year Ruckus In Wyoming

You’ve probably never heard of the Balangiga bells but for years they’ve been at the center of a tussle between Wyoming and... the Philippines. That century-old fight might finally be coming to an end. Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen explains.   

Two Women Share Civil Discourse About Whether University's New Campaign Is Sexist

The University of Wyoming has a new recruitment campaign featuring the slogan “The World Needs More Cowboys.” It rolled out with a video and new advertising materials, but some on campus are not happy about it. Christine Porter is a professor of community and public health, and says the slogan excludes women and people of color. Helen Raleigh is a Chinese-American UW alum. She also writes for the conservative publication The Federalist, and recently published an article supporting the new slogan. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards brought the two women together over a video conference call for our series, “I Respectfully Disagree.” Helen Raleigh says she was impressed with her UW classmates’ diversity.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Requires Good Listening

Rising sea levels for some, and catastrophic droughts and wildfires for others, are imminent unless immediate action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to new report from the United Nations. Yet in Wyoming only 60 percent of adults believe that global warming is actually happening. University of Cincinnati Anthropologist Daniel Murphy has studied how humans make decisions in the face environmental changes from Mongolia to the Mountain West. He says the key to starting conversations about what to do about climate change is not to mention it all. Wyoming Public Radio’s Tennessee Watson sat down with Murphy to find out more. 

Is The Changing Climate Giving You Anxiety? You're Not Alone.

We love our outdoors and wildlife in the mountain west, but that connection makes us vulnerable to a growing mental health problem known as Climate Anxiety. Ali Budner explains.

Gordon Discusses Anti-Discrimination Laws And Other Topics In A Wide-Ranging Interview

State Treasurer Mark Gordon is the Republican candidate for governor. Gordon is a former businessman and owns a ranch in Johnson County. He joins Bob Beck to discuss issues from anti-discrimination issues to health care.