Northwest College Launches RN Program In Cody

Oct 23, 2019

Credit Northwest College

Northwest College is launching a registered nursing program at its Cody Center this spring semester. It will welcome eight new students and has space for a couple of licensed practical nurses to transfer midway through the program. 

Marneé Crawford, Northwest college's nursing director, said starting the program in January was intentional. 

"These students will finish two years later in December," she said. "So that also supplies the regions workforce needs that we have. Some people out of Powell that graduate in May that are ready to go to work and then you have some that are ready to come to work in December out of the Cody area."

Crawford said this helps with a steady supply of nurses in the area. She added that the program is unique for another reason.

"Students can do their course work online, maintain the other jobs they have, the other income they have to support their household and then they can go to class in the evening and weekends and work towards becoming a nurse."

The college's Cody Center is growing as there is more need to provide health care programs in the immediate area. 

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