Natrona County High School TV Program Seeking Funds For Classroom Tools

Jul 21, 2016

Credit Lance Madzey

Natrona County High School’s film and television program, NCTV, is hoping to raise about $15,000 to cover the costs of equipment for a new studio space in the high school’s renovated building.

Recent renovations of the school did not include a new studio space, so Lance Madzey, who has taught the program for twenty-years and his students, began fundraising in order to retrofit a classroom into a studio with editing bays. He says he is hoping his students will be able to continue to produce their usual weekly live television show.

“They become a family doing that kind of stuff. They work together to produce something they’re proud of. It’s collaborative, and it’s creative.”

Madzey says if they can’t raise the money, it will be difficult for the program to continue its hands-on curriculum.

“There’s no more cash left, it’s gone. And now they’re starting to cut things, and that’s where I can see the bust hitting some people, in not the best places.”

The program’s fundraising deadline is October 12. More information about the fundraiser, visit their website here