May 29th, 2020

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Advocates Say Sexual Violence Survivors Face Gaps In Law Enforcement Training

Child Sexual Abuse Investigations More Successful With Teamwork

Sexual assault is a crime that's still chronically under-reported across the nation. Victims say they're hesitant to report rape and sexual abuse because they're worried they won't be believed. In response, some law enforcement agencies in Wyoming see training as a way to gain victims' trust, but as Tennessee Watson reports that's not a statewide priority.

Furloughed Miners Struggle To Find Work Despite Strong Market

When the coal company Blackjewel filed for bankruptcy. The move put more than 1500 miners out of a job in Wyoming and across Appalachia… many struggled to find work and it wasn't just about the job market. Wyoming Public Radio's Cooper McKim won for best continuing coverage and hear was one of those stories.

Indian Relay Race Is A Tradition For Most Than Just Rodeo

For 89 years, the Sheridan WYO Rodeo has drawn big crowds to the city's fairgrounds. But one exciting event, in particular, is known to keep them coming back every year. Best sports story award winner Catherine Wheeler reports on what many say is North America's most extreme sport.

For Ice Fisherman In Warming Times, Tiptoeing On Thin Ice Is No Metaphor

The warming climate has some parts of the world tiptoeing on thin ice…and for ice fishermen that's no metaphor. Last winter, Wyoming Public Radio's Melodie Edwards won for best use of sound when she went out with some longtime Wyoming fishermen who gave her some tips on staying safe on the ice as temperatures heat up.

The Widower

Bob was devastated when his wife died of cancer. He'd been her main caregiver, and afterward, he realized that now he had to face his old age alone. No kids, no family nearby. And living in the West, he started worrying about how inaccessible senior care could be. That's when his gallows humor took over.