Longtime Conservationist Tom Bell To Be Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Mar 18, 2016

Tom Bell, writer and conservationist.
Credit Wyoming Outdoor Council

Longtime conservationist Tom Bell will be awarded an honorary doctoral degree from the University of Wyoming. Bell is 92 years old and founded both the Wyoming Outdoor Council and High Country News.

Bell says when he founded the council in 1967, no one was paying attention to the health of the planet. Over time, he says people have slowly changed their minds about conservation for a few reasons.

"Guys like me needling them all the time for one thing. Just one little start. But when they began to see what was happening with the icebergs breaking off and floating away and the ocean level rising, that all kind of brought about a change in attitude," says Bell.

Bell says the honorary doctorate is something he never dreamed would come true.

"Oh boy I was just blown away. I have received many honors and none of them are as prestigious as this one," says Bell.

The award will be presented at the University of Wyoming’s commencement ceremonies in May.