Governor Begins His Re-election Campaign

Mar 11, 2014

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead made it official, he is running for re-election.  In his announcement Mead said that he has helped enhance Wyoming’s business climate and has been successful fighting the federal government.  He noted that when he took office the feds were not releasing coal leases.   

“So I went back and worked with Secretary Salazar and I said you’ve got to get these coal leases out.  And shortly after that he came to Cheyenne, Wyoming…and South High…a school built by coal and announced more coal leases.  Wolves…the same thing.  We’ve sort of been in a ten year decade or ten year period where nothing was done on wolves.  We’ve worked with the federal government to get that done.”

Mead said he’s also excited about his energy policy.

“And with that is going to come more research, and with that we will be able continue to say we love the quality of life we have in Wyoming.  We recognize that we want to develop these resources, but we also recognize that we want to do it in a balanced way.”

Mead said he’s also proud of the fact that he’s helped get more funding to local governments and the Wyoming’s finances are stable.