Gov. Mead's office releases report commenting on successes of and allegations against Cindy Hill

Jun 18, 2013

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill


Governor Matt Mead’s office interviewed current and former employees of the Wyoming Department of Education about Superintendent Cindy Hill’s administration there. The Legislature removed the superintendent as head of the Education Department in January. Mead’s office released a report compiling positive and negative feedback Tuesday.

Employees cited achievements of the Hill administration, which stopped paying invoices for services before they were rendered and giving state money to private charities. Hill’s administration has also been dedicated to standardizing internet access for schools and improving reading instruction.

But interviewees also expressed concern about how employees were hired and treated, and how money was spent.

Sen. Chris Rothfuss of Laramie says he was not surprised by the allegations in the report, but says many of them are cause for action – especially one regarding the misappropriation of federal funds.

“There were numerous examples in the report, and I think each one of those is important to investigate,” Rothfuss said.

In a press release, Cindy Hill defended her decisions or said she was unaware of specific problems or complaints.

“The Report reveals that there were a handful of employees who had, and may continue to have, an agenda focused on undermining and, in some instances, sabotaging the efforts of the WDE.”

She says she hopes the analysis will bring about positive changes in the department.