Gov. Mead will consider additional funding for WYDOT

Oct 24, 2013

The Wyoming Department of Transportation may be one of the state agencies that benefits from the better than expected earnings Wyoming brought in this fiscal year. The state’s general fund is about $333 million over what the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, or CREG, predicted.

  Governor Matt Mead says he’s gone through WYDOT’s budget once, but may review it again.

  “What I’m going to do is after we go through every agency, I’m going to meet again with a couple of agencies, the Department of Transportation being one of them. After I get a general feel of the money available and the exception requests to go back and if there’s money available I may make a request to the legislature to put some money on top of the fuel tax for road construction,” Mead says.
  This summer, a new fuel tax kicked in at the pump. The 10-cent tax increase was passed during the last legislative session but it won't generate enough money to make up the shortfall in WYDOT’s estimated construction and maintenance needs.