Gaming Commission Bill Moves To The Senate

Mar 6, 2020

Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

The Wyoming Senate is scheduled to debate a bill today to set up a gaming commission who will determine how to regulate the growth in video gambling in the state.

The issue is that gaming has grown to the point where several borderline machines are operating and the state has been asked to regulate them. Steven Fast Horse of the Northern Arapaho Business Council said the Wind River Tribes have found that oversight is key.

"Specifically our comprehensive regulatory structure protects our gaming operators from theft and organized crime. It mitigates gaming negative impacts such as addictions and ensures customer confidence," said Fast Horse.

While some want oversight, they are wary of the state moving to legalize more forms of gambling. Byron Oedekoven of Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police said in the past most residents have opposed gaming.

"I'm not sure what the appetite is, but I recognize we have the issue and the problem of the day and that is dealing with the machines and I think the gaming commission can certainly do that."

The bill currently says the gaming commission will spend the next 14 months reviewing those who are currently operating in the state.

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