ExploreWYO Brings Hidden Attractions Into View

Jun 7, 2017

Credit University of Wyoming Extension

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your summer road trips here in Wyoming, there’s a new tool to enjoy landmarks you might otherwise miss.

ExploreWYO is a map-based website — optimized for smartphones — featuring close to 400 videos produced by the University of Wyoming Extension. These 90-second stories dive into little-known-facts about Wyoming’s landscape and culture from wildlife and geology to cattle grazing and energy production.


David Keto from the University of Wyoming Extension produced the videos and helped create the website. He said the app-version is great for road trips. For example if, “you are going by Casper and Hell’s Half Acre and you want to know: What’s this weird geology that I’m seeing?” He says, “That’s a good time to open up the app. It’s map based so you can zoom right in and tap the icon by your location.”


Keto said you can use it on the fly as you pass something noticeable or you can use it to plan a detour.


“As you’re looking ahead and you see a video that interests you, you can link to Google maps and it will give you directions for how to get there.”


The map is designed to get you off the beaten path and learning more about Wyoming’s natural history. For more information, visit ExploreWYO.