Documentary Highlights Life Of Clara Brown: "Angel Of The Rockies"

Dec 28, 2016

Clara Brown.
Credit Flickr

PBS will air a documentary created by Wyoming native Patricia McInroy. Her film Clara: Angel of the Rockies was the winner of PBS’s “To The Contrary: All About Women” film festival in the women’s U.S. history category.

The documentary tells the story of Clara Brown, a former slave who came to Colorado and set up a laundry business for miners, eventually making a fortune. McInroy said Brown ended up winning over almost everyone she met because of her kindness, earning her the nickname “Angel of the Rockies.”

“A lot of people would spend all their money to get out there to do mining, and they wouldn’t make anything. And so [Clara Brown] would feed people,” said McInroy.

“She had a spare room in her house and if someone was sick they could stay there, and she would nurse them back to health. She also would help deliver babies. She was just sort of this kind of person who had that angelic quality.”

McInroy said she was inspired to tell Brown’s story because of how she persevered after fifty years of slavery and ended up finding a better life.

“I don’t care whether they were born last year, or 150 years ago or 1000 years ago, I’m looking for role models who were able to overcome a difficulty and come out with a positive attitude. And she’s somebody who is like that,” McInroy said.

The documentary will air Sunday, January 8th at 11am.