Cody High School Student Wins Third Place For Video PSA On Opioid Addiction

May 13, 2019

Screen shot of "Wanna" PSA
Credit Operation Prevention

A 60-second public service announcement created by a junior at the Cody High School won third place in the Operation Prevention video challenge. The program aims to educate students nationally about the science behind addiction. 

The video titled "Wanna" features a 9-year-old who wants to try many things and that eventually includes drugs. The video creator Jake Sandvik said it's not uncommon for him to work with his sister on his film projects and it worked for this idea.

"It would be a little girl that was going to be my sister because she's been active in projects I've done before," said Sandvik. "And just her [character] wanting to do things and having her life turn around because of an addiction."

Sandvik said he hasn't been personally touched by the opioid crisis.

"It was kind of an instance of, 'Oh, this is an important issue and this would be cool to highlight and talk about,'" said Sandvik.

The program is a collaboration between the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, its educational foundation and Discovery Education.