Casper Businesses Pledge Support For Non-Discrimination Resolution

Jan 9, 2018

Credit Downtown Development Authority of Casper, Wyoming

When Casper’s City Council members consider a non-discrimination resolution at their next work session in January, it will be the second time they’ve discussed it. They first saw it in November, and Dee Lundberg said it went over well with most council members. Lundberg is with the local chapter of PFLAG, an LGBT advocacy group.

Since that first reading, the group has asked local businesses to sign a letter in support of the resolution, and over 100 have agreed. Lundberg said many businesses recognize the opportunity for economic growth that can come from supporting and passing such a resolution.

"We’ve had big businesses. We’ve had businesses at homes. From restaurants to retail, to lawyers, to hairdressers—it’s just been across the gamut, across the spectrum of the life of a community," said Lundberg.

Unlike an ordinance, a resolution lacks legal teeth. Instead, Lundberg said it would act as a welcoming and inclusive gesture to both current and prospective community members. Because there are no statewide protections for LGBT people in Wyoming, they can be legally fired, denied housing or public accommodations because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  

The council will consider the resolution once more during their January 23 work session before they decide to move forward and open it up to public input.