Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Announces Four Artists In Residence

Mar 22, 2020

Credit Jennifer Carrigan

The Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area announced its four artists in residence for the coming summer.

This is seventh year the recreation area's program. Four artists will come for a two-week stay to create art and participate in public programs. They'll be coming to the canyon from Wyoming, Colorado, and even England.

Christy Fleming, the recreation area's chief of interpretation, said the artists bring a different perspective to the canyon.

"I'm always surprised what the artists are painting or photographing things that I think that I've seen 100 times. And I'm like, 'well, that's just, you know, the road or whatever,' And then when they paint it, or photograph it, it changes the perspective of it to make it see more than just the road," she said.

Fleming also said it helps gets the word out about the area.

"Bighorn Canyon becomes part of them. And when they're going around the country showing their artwork, they become one of the best ambassadors that we have," said Fleming.

This year's artists include a cartoonist and painter, a fiber artist, and a photographer.

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