Bernie Sanders Urges Wyoming Democrats To Join The Revolution

Apr 5, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told supporters that he has a path to the White House and that will continue with a victory at the Wyoming Democratic caucus this weekend. 

Bernie Sanders speaks at the University of Wyoming.
Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

Speaking at the University of Wyoming, Sanders encouraged his supporters to get the vote out.

Democrats and progressives win when there is a large voter turnout, Republicans win when people are demoralized, this campaign is giving energy and enthusiasm to millions of Americans.”

Sanders was coming off a victory in Wisconsin and is looking to add Wyoming to his list of recent wins.

“Let us see on Saturday a record breaking turnout here in the Wyoming caucus and let us have Wyoming democrats making it clear that this great state is part of the political revolution.”

Most of the audience waited between three and four hours to hear Sanders and the Arts and Sciences auditorium was packed to capacity. Gabby Isaacs said it was great.

“I really appreciate everything he talked about from income equality to acknowledging that climate change is real and should be acknowledged as basic fact (laughter)…very cool.”

Eric Ogle said the support for Sanders was impressive.

“I thought we had a great turnout, I think Bernie has a lot of supporters for his campaign, I am really happy that he is running for the President of the United States because he’s what we need right now.”

Saturday’s Democratic caucus will decide 14 national delegates.