August 18th, 2017

Isolation - Remote outer Mongolia for the total eclipse in 2008.
Credit Kate Russo

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With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Visitors Expected, Solar Eclipse Requires Lots Of Planning

When everything goes perfectly, a total eclipse of the sun is impressive. What might be overwhelming, is the potential for hundreds of thousands of visitors to flood into Wyoming to see it. But that’s what has been predicted. Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard found out such a huge event requires a lot of planning.

Casper Residents Accommodate Eclipse Visitors, Airbnb Numbers Soar

Wyoming towns in the path of totality for the solar eclipse are expecting huge crowds, including Casper, and hotel rooms there are almost entirely booked. As a result, a record number of locals are using the home sharing service “Airbnb” to accommodate visitors and to make some of that eclipse cash. Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen has more.

Wyoming Attracts Eclipse Chasers As Prime Viewing Location

For most people, Monday will be the first - and possibly last - time they will ever see an eclipse. But for some, seeing an eclipse is almost like an addiction. These people are called Eclipse Chasers, and they will go to the ends of the earth to be in the sun’s shadow. Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard reports that on Monday, many of these die-hard eclipse fans will witness the event in Wyoming.

Eclipse Offers Economic Opportunity To Goshen County

Goshen County is a small agricultural county that rarely attracts masses of people.  But the upcoming eclipse is changing that. As the solar event passes directly over the area, residents and businesses are preparing for a huge influx of people and hopefully funds. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.

Coal Under Trump: One Miner's Perspective

President Trump idealizes a traditional view of American life, an America based on industry and lifting up the image of the blue collar working man. And no working man has been more lauded under this administration than the American coal miner. The economics for coal aren’t looking good… still, Trump has been trying to fulfill his campaign promise to bring back mining jobs. Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce recently spent time with a Colorado coal miner, for a perspective on the ground. 

Wyoming Lawmakers Have Concerns About Lack Of Trump Appointments

The Trump White House is blaming Congress for “slow walking” the president’s nominees to fill out his cabinet. But some lawmakers say the blame lies with the White House. Washington correspondent Matt Laslo has the story.

National Museum Of Wildlife Art Celebrates 30 Years

The National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson is celebrating 30 years this weekend.  The Black Bear ball to honor the event is Saturday night and if you are listening on Sunday…it was a great time.  One of the founding board members was Maggie Scarlett.  She says it’s been fun to watch the museum grow. 

Students Help With The First Live Broadcast Of An Eclipse From Space

The sun will be getting a lot of attention on Monday, but for the first time ever . . . you’ll be able to watch live . . . as the moon paints its shadow across the earth. Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson spent the day with team of students preparing to document the eclipse.  

Wyoming Artists Supply Eclipse Lovers With Unique Souvenirs

For most of us, a total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event …And that’s why, for some people, it doesn’t seem right to commemorate it with a t-shirt or a typical souvenir. So many are buying original art…and artists are scrambling to have enough artwork to supply the need. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards reports.