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Gov. Gordon Proposes A Mostly Flat Budget

State of Wyoming

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon unveiled a mostly flat budget, rejecting a number of budget increases. But he did not cut the existing budget, using reserve funds to balance the budget over the next two years. The governor did predict that budget cuts could be forthcoming as the state's revenue picture looks dicey.

"We were able to fund standard agency budgets without cuts for this biennium. However, we only have $23.5 million in structural, on-going funding available, to considering distributing during this biennium to any entity. Additional spending cuts I do believe are on the horizon," said Gordon.

Among other things the governor rejected $55 million in requested funding for building projects.

"I am concerned that the decisions to build new projects without funding adequately in place, does not always contemplate the amount of ongoing funding that we'll need for maintenance and upkeep," said Gordon.

The governor also rejected funding for a criminal justice reform effort and several million requested for some health care needs in the state. Gov. Gordon did agree to support an $19 million increase towards school funding that was recommended by a pair of legislative committees and emergency funding to make up for a shortfall in the state public defender program. He will present his budget to the legislature's Joint Appropriations Committee in December.

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