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Wyoming's Unemployment Rate More Than Doubled In April

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Wyoming's unemployment rate more than doubled in a just month, increasing from 3.8 percent in March to 9.2 percent in April. The largest job losses were seen in the leisure and hospitality industry, with Teton County being hit the hardest at 18.3 percent due to their dependency on tourism.

Natona County was second at 12.7 percent, followed by Sublette County at 11.3 percent, Sweetwater County at 10.5 percent and Campbell County at 10.2 percent. David Bullard, a senior economist with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, said the increase is devastating but not surprising.

"This was widely expected because of the job losses and layoffs and other disruptions related to the coronavirus here in Wyoming," he said. "As we look at the counties, every county increased from March to April and increased from a year ago as well."

He added that while it is difficult to predict May's unemployment numbers, he would not be surprised to see them go up.

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