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Wyoming Roads Rank First In Nation

jacdupree via Flickr

Wyoming ranks first in the nation for its overall road system. That’s according to a new study from the Reason foundation, a Libertarian-leaning think tank.

David Hartgen is a professor at the University of North Carolina and the author of the study. He says Wyoming ranked so well in part because it budgets wisely. The cowboy state has over 7000 miles of roads to maintain, but spends about half as much as the average state does to do it.

“Average state is spending about 150,000 dollars a mile. Wyoming is spending 75,000 dollars a mile. They have a really thin budget and that is good for the taxpayer perspective.”

Wyoming’s fatality ranking is 35th in the nation. Hartgen says that is high, but says it didn’t lower Wyoming’s overall ranking because western states generally have higher numbers of road fatalities.

Nebraska grabbed the number two spot in the study. Hawaii came in last.

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