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Wyoming's Fundraising For Arena Improvements A Success

The University of Wyoming Athletics Department says that ten million dollars in private donations has been raised as it moves forward with the 30 million dollar Arena Auditorium renovation project. 

The redesign and remodel of the facility will include a new a statute to honor Wyoming basketball legend Kenny Sailors and the court will be named after Cheyenne businessman Maury Brown.  U-W Athletics Director Tom Burman says Brown’s contribution allowed the project to go forward.                     

“Maury has been a great friend of the University and a great supporter of Cowboy and Cowgirl basketball and been very engaged in the programs for decades.  It’s just a very logical fit for this to be Maury Brown Court.”

Burman says they will begin the remodeling on March 12th and it means that Wyoming will not be able to host any post season games this season.

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