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Wildlife Proposals Sought

It’s time for another round of wildlife project proposals: For the tenth year in a row, the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition is funding projects that benefit moose, elk, wild sheep and other animals.

The money comes from 20 big game hunting licensesthat the governor auctions offeach year, with proceeds going to conservation projects.

Coalition chair Kevin Hurley says wild sheep tags have sold for as much as $55,000 apiece, and he says hunters are willing to pay the price for two reasons.

“If you can’t draw a license, maybe here’s a way to get a Wyoming bighorn sheep license and go hunting before you’re too old to do that,” Hurley said. “But these individuals also have the commitment to the conservation and management of these animals that they’re willing to spend those kind of dollars, knowing that that money gets ploughed back into the resource.”

Hurley says past projects funded through these licenses have included habitat improvements, elk studies, conservation easements and the reintroduction of wild sheep to new areas.

“This funding – over 3 million dollars in 9 years – has certainly been essential to help get many of these projects initiated and implemented on the ground,” Hurley said.

He added that applicants for this year’s round of funding should propose projects that will be ready to start this spring.

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