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Third Criminal Act At Stephens Creek Facility In Last Seven Weeks

Bison in Yellowstone

Three people were arrested this week at the Stephen’s Creek facility in Yellowstone National Park.

Early Tuesday morning, park officials found two people trying to chain themselves to a structure where bison are held before they leave the facility. Later in the day, park officials said a third individual was found in a restricted area.

According to the Wild Buffalo Defense’s Facebook page, the people arrested are members of their group. The advocacy group calls for an end to the slaughter of the last wild buffalo herd, and a restoration of the animal’s population, and open wild habitat.

Slaughtering and transporting live bison to Native American tribes are part of the Interagency Bison Management Plan. Eight tribal, state and federal agencies agreed to a 2018 Winter Plan that calls for a reduction of the park herd’s population, due to fear of spreading diseases to other species during its annual migration from the park to Montana. According to Yellowstone National Park officials, the partner agencies are trying to find alternatives to slaughter.

The arrested individuals have appeared at court and will be held until a bond hearing scheduled for next week. This was the third criminal act at the Stephens Creek facility in the last seven weeks.

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