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The Casper abortion clinic arson suspect has been arrested and charged as the clinic hopes to open soon 

A peach building with a small white fence around it, shaded by a large tree.
Courtesy of Wellspring Health Access

Back in May of 2022, a women’s reproductive health clinic in Casper that will also provide abortions was preparing to open when it was set on fire. Over 10 months later, the Casper Police Department hasarrested a suspect. On Thursday morning, she appeared before a Cheyenne judge who decided to keep Green in custody. Investigators say Green admitted to burning down the clinic when they spoke with her.

Twenty-two year old Casper resident Lorna Roxanne Green has been charged with an arson attack against Wellspring Health Access. The arson caused extensive damage and forced the clinic to delay opening until Spring of 2023.

Wellspring Health Access President Julie Burkhart said the arson caused $290,000 worth of damages and created a ripple of apprehension and fear across the Casper community.

“If you don't know who the perpetrator is, and they're still at large, it's quite unsettling,” said Burkhart. “And so this gives us, I think, more confidence. What we want to be able to focus on is providing safe, compassionate care for our patients.”

Burkhart said the clinic now plans to open within the next few months and to provide both procedural and medication abortion services as long as it stays legal in the state.

Kamila has worked for public radio stations in California, New York, France and Poland. Originally from New York City, she loves exploring new places. Kamila received her master in journalism from Columbia University. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the surrounding areas with her two pups and husband.
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