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Pediatric RSV cases are spiking across the state and the region

Raif via Flickr

Cases of pediatric RSV are spiking around the state. RSV is a virus that is usually seen around this time of the year, but this year has been worse than usual. Hospitals in Colorado have set up a triage center where all hospitals statewide have to report available pediatric beds.

Meanwhile, Wyoming is experiencing a surge but not overcapacity said Cheyenne Regional Medical Officer Dr. Jeff Storey. The hospital has had 12 RSV admissions in one day recently, plus Cheyenne urgent cares are turning patients away.

“Our pediatric department has 40 to 50 available appointments every morning. And currently those are filled by 8 a.m. every day,” said Storey. “So we're trying to get people through as quickly as we can but capacity is definitely there.”

He said they have received patients from around Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. Storey said parents should keep sick kids at home.

“As long as the child is doing okay at home and maintaining their oxygen and not working to breathe too hard, they’re better served just by being at home with chicken soup and mom's care [or] dad's care, and allowing that virus to run its course and get better,” said Storey.

Storey said because this is a virus there are no antibiotics that help. He said the Cheyenne hospital shouldn’t be worried about overcapacity. If worse comes to worse they can send a more severe case to Colorado in exchange for a less severe case of theirs.

Kamila has worked for public radio stations in California, New York, France and Poland. Originally from New York City, she loves exploring new places. Kamila received her master in journalism from Columbia University. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the surrounding areas with her two pups and husband.
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