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State Launches 'WY We Talk' Campaign During Mental Health Awareness Month

WY We Talk

Wyoming has one of the nation's highest suicide rates per capita. In the past year, during COVID, it's increased.

In response, the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police have partnered with health organizations throughout the state to launch a new campaign.WY We Talk encourages friends and families to talk to each other if they are concerned for someone.

An organization called Healthy Park County is a partner in this initiative. Wendy Morris, the community prevention director, said the idea is simple.

"If you're concerned about someone, don't be afraid to ask directly, if they're considering suicide," said Morris. "It's all about having these conversations. And that's why we talk because we care about each other."

Morris said there's often a stigma associated with with this conversation around suicide around mental health.

"It's a difficult conversation to have," said Morris. " So, we are really trying to reduce the stigma around mental health and suicide."

For more information on the campaign, go to your county's WY We Talk website.

The Wyoming Department of Health urges residents in crisis to call 911 or the state suicide prevention hotline at 800-273-TALK.

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