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Richardson to Press On in Presidential Race

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson finished fourth among Democrats competing in the Iowa caucuses. Despite garnering just 2 percent support, Richardson pledges to keep up his bid for the presidency at least through New Hampshire.

"I've been campaigning in New Hampshire for a year," Richardson said. "Nevada also — if you look at the Western primaries, where I'm strong, those are coming up next."

Still, Richardson acknowledged that he needs a strong showing in New Hampshire. Speaking with Steve Inskeep, Richardson said he will continue to stress the importance of the Iraq war as the central issue of the 2008 race.

"Ending this war is so important for the country that I believe it is a top concern," Richardson said.

And as the campaign goes on, Richardson said, his executive experience as governor will also make him a strong candidate.

Voters will be looking at "who's actually negotiated with foreign countries, and gotten cease-fires, and who's made a difference in the lives of people," Richardson said.

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