Mead Interviews Treasurer Candidates Today

Oct 24, 2012

Governor Matt Mead says he is looking for someone with experience and knowledge about the state as he decides who should be the next State Treasurer. 

The Governor will interview accountant Bruce Brown, Fulbright scholar Clark Stith, and Mark Gordon, a former board member of the Federal Reserve bank of Kansas City.  Mead says they certainly need to understand investing, but they also need to be able to contribute on the various state boards and commissions.  The Governor said that he also wants someone he can work with.            

Somebody who can come over to me and say hey, I disagree with you on this and I think you need to think about a new direction.  And I can go across the hall and have that same conversation with them.  And somebody also who recognizes the value and role of the treasurer’s office and understands Wyoming, where we have come in the last decade in terms of advancing our infrastructure.

Mead will interview the finalists Wednesday and make his selection by Friday.