Firefighters Gain Ground On Keystone Fire

Jul 13, 2017

Firefighters conduct burnouts in battling the Keystone fire.
Credit U.S. Forest Service

Firefighters say they have gained 18 percent containment on the Keystone Fire in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Public Information Officer Ben Brack said the cool weather has helped firefighters gain ground.

“You know the decrease in temperatures, the humidity’s, actually receiving some moisture across the fire area gave fire fighters the foothold they need not only to bring expected containment lines closer into the fire where we’ve been able to fight the fire more directly. They’ve been able to use fire to gain that containment.”

Brack said burn outs have drawn the fire to areas where it’s been easier to address. Other techniques have allowed them to start making progress and Brack adds that work done to put up secondary containment lines will help if the wind picks up.

Fire and law enforcement officials say they have been discussing when it might be safe to let those who were evacuated to return to their homes and cabins. Meanwhile, fire investigators determined that the fire was caused by a lightning strike.