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WPM Testimonials

“I’ve listened to you since probably the early ‘70’s. To me, it’s a lifeline to reality. You’re intelligent, and you can be trusted, I believe. I depend on you for that. To the day I die, I will be listening to public radio, no doubt.”


“We have it on, like, all day at my house. My family kind of listens to it together. There are no ads, and that’s really helpful. WPR just helps with letting people know what they need to know.”


“I feel like I know more about the outside of school, even outside of Laramie world. I know a bit more about what’s happening besides ‘ooh, this boy broke up with me’, or things like that. I wish, like, instead of school, we could just listen to NPR all day.”

Heinlein interview 1 min.mp3
Robert Heinlein

“There’s a lot of information for a lot of people; you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to participate in the discussions or understand anything that’s going on. They don’t dumb anything down but they present clearly. It’s nice to hear kind of more in-depth stories about Wyoming. It’s our radio station and it’s our state, we ought to hear about it.”

Kristen Palmer

“Definitely the more I listen to it, the more I like it. You get the feeling that it’s not regurgitating what everyone else has already said. It’s always nice coming in and having a story on NPR, and it gives me something to talk to customers when they walk in about.”


“I’ve had the business 31 years, I think I’ve been listening to it that whole time, probably. I think it’s more substantial, I think it’s more unbiased. I pay more attention to it and believe it more.”

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