Wyoming Community Development Authority


A state program designed to help residents make rent and mortgage payments has spent only a fraction of its available funds, but the program is hoping to cast a wider net by easing some of its requirements.

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The Wyoming Business Council has released a toolkit to help communities address housing needs in the state. The toolkit shows what types of housing communities should be investing in, in terms of variables like size and affordability.

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Construction of new affordable housing units in Riverton, Casper, and the Wind River Reservation will begin in next few months: courtesy of 2.8 million dollars in new funding for affordable housing recently allocated by the Wyoming Community Development Authority. The federal funds are distributed to developers as an incentive to build units that rent for less than two thirds of market price in the respective counties. Community Development Authority Director Gayle Brownlee says all kinds of people need housing help.

The Wyoming Community Development Authority is encouraging people to buy houses – especially if they’ve never owned a home before. They’re launching a campaign called “Buy Now” – putting up flyers in real estate offices, and offering classes to help first-time buyers navigate the process of purchasing a home. The group’s executive director, David Haney, talks with Willow Belden about the initiative. He says conditions are excellent for buyers at the moment.