As President Biden works to solidify his cabinet, Wyoming's U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis filed to block Deb Haaland's appointment as Secretary of the Interior earlier this week.

She said that her nomination is good for the American Indian community but not for Wyoming.

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U.S. Senators Cynthia Lummis and John Barrasso were confrontational during Rep. Deb Haaland's confirmation hearing for Interior Secretary. It was over Haaland's anti-fracking stance.

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A bill seeking to raise Wyoming's minimum wage to $15 an hour was recently killed by the state legislature. But that doesn't mean the "fight for $15" is going away.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Senate passed a bill that would create legislative oversight for public health orders.

The bill was amended since its introduction, and now would require the legislature to approve any public health measure that goes beyond 60 days.

Wyoming Legislature

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted down a bill that would have given more public records access to the personnel files of public officials in state and local governments.

The bill would have allowed public records requests for performance reviews of high ranking public positions like college and university presidents, the state superintendent, and city managers.

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A new report details the under-representation of women in Wyoming politics - both in Cheyenne and on local councils and commissions. But, the report argues, women are successful candidates when they do run, and both structural changes and individual action could encourage more women to run in the future.

President Joe Biden is expected to sign the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill into law on Friday. It includes the largest ever one-time federal investment in Indian Country, with $20 billion in direct aid to tribal governments, and another $11 billion set aside for federal Indian programs.

The aid comes as many tribal nations in the Mountain West are struggling to stay afloat.

Deb Haaland's road to lead the Department of the Interior has been rocky, with some members of Congress using her confirmation process to air grievances with President Joe Biden's climate change agenda.

On Tuesday, Montana Sen. Steve Daines and Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis, both Republicans, placed a procedural hold on her nomination, citing concerns about her positions on oil and gas development.


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A Wyoming Senate Committee has started working on a bill that could change the way the state conducts primary elections.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House Corporations Committee voted to advance a bill that would place limits on the power of public health officers.

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Wyoming lawmakers say how the state treats juvenile offenders needs an in depth review and possibly reform.

June 2021 Preliminary Sale Parcels posted by BLM; the oil and gas lease sale scheduled for March was postponed due to the pause on oil and gas leasing on federal lands
Bureau of Land Management

Wyoming's U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney envisions a dark future for her home state under President Joe Biden.

If the new administration extends its pause on new oil and gas drilling on public land, it would endanger Wyoming's economy, kill 18,000 jobs and cause the energy state to lose out on critical education, infrastructure, and healthcare funding. Biden would be "cutting off a major lifeline that Americans have relied on to survive during this time," she has said.

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The Wyoming legislature has started work on a budget that proposes $450 million in cuts. The reductions are due to declining revenues from the energy industry and impacts from COVID-19.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House of Representatives have passed a bill that would require the state's voters to present specific IDs in order to vote in person.

The bill requires voters to show a driver's license, state, tribal, or state student IDs, passport, military ID or a Medicare card before voting in person.

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The Wyoming Senate's Health and Labor committee voted 3-2 to limit the power of the governor and public health officials regarding a public health order.

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The Wyoming House Education Committee has come up with a brand new bill to address the school funding shortfall. The committee set aside House Bill 61 that they had been working on in favor of a new bill, House Bill 173 that now would reduce education funding by $31 million.

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Wyoming's U.S. Sen. John Barrasso voiced opposition to Deb Haaland during last week's confirmation hearing for secretary of the interior.

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FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday condemned the attack on the U.S. Capitol as "domestic terrorism," defended the bureau's handling of intelligence about potential threats ahead of the event and rejected conspiracy theories blaming left-wing extremists for the violence on Jan. 6.

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Wyoming's House of Representatives will move forward with a bill that would require voters to show specific identification before voting in-person.

The legislation would require voters to show IDs such as drivers licenses, state issued or tribal ID cards, passports or military ID or a Medicare card, before voting in person.

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The Wyoming Senate is debating a bill that's intended to protect businesses from liability if someone is exposed to COVID-19 in their establishment.

Bob Beck

A Wyoming legislative committee continues to work on a bill that would reduce spending on K-12 education.

The House education committee continues to reduce the proposed cut of $100 million. After several amendments, the proposed cut is down to roughly $22 million.

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2020 will be known as a devastating year. More than 300,000 people in America died due to complications from the novel coronavirus. But it was the single death of a black man in Minneapolis that sparked nationwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality.

It also sparked us to dig into the numbers of people killed in our region during interactions with law enforcement. In this bonus episode, we found something startling. The Mountain West News Bureau's Maggie Mullen hosts.

State of Wyoming

Wyoming's legislature meets next week and among the topics will be education spending and budget cuts. Gov. Mark Gordon joined Bob Beck to talk about a number of things including some of the budget challenges the state is facing.

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Two Western lawmakers have reintroduced companion bills to establish a federal conservation corps. It would invest $9 billion in a civilian workforce dedicated to public lands, part of a $40 billion package focused on conservation, restoration and rural economies.

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The pandemic has caused huge revenue shortfalls in state budgets across the Mountain West and the country, renewing heated debates over taxes. That's true in Wyoming, too, though one tax issue before lawmakers is "still something that, you know, gets whispered about."

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The University of Wyoming's Black Studies Center and UW President Ed Seidel held a town hall meeting on February 24 to address the recent racist Zoom-bombing attack that occurred during a live virtual panel on February 15.


Jazmine Wildcat is a star student in Riverton, Wyoming. Not the type to skip class. But on Tuesday morning, a piece of history was unfolding that the 17-year-old just couldn't miss: A congressional hearing to consider the confirmation of Deb Haaland as the first Indigenous secretary of the Interior.

"It is just super monumental and so inspiring, not only to just me, but probably other Native women," Jazmine said.

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The Senate Education Committee approved a bill that would set the stage for Gillette College to become an independent community college district.

Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming House Corporations Committee approved a bill that looks to change the rules around voter identification in the state.

The bill would require voters to show specific identifications such as drivers licenses, state issued and tribal ID cards, passports or military ID or a medicare card, before voting in person.


Wyoming's congressional lawmakers expressed opposition during Tuesday's confirmation hearing for Secretary of the Interior Department nominee Deb Haaland.