Meeteetse Chocolatier

StoryCorps: 'How's The Weather Up There, Cowboy?'

Jan 16, 2019

The Meeteetse Chocolatier has been featured by the New York Times, the Toronto Star, and ABC News. But when Tim Kellogg was younger he was a saddle bronc rider. Even though it isn’t the most popular rodeo event, many cowboys say it’s the toughest to master.

When StoryCorps came to Jackson last June, Kellogg sat down with his friend Annessa Melnick to talk about his younger days as a saddle bronc rider before becoming the Meeteetse Chocolatier.

Rebecca Martinez

Rancher and former saddle bronc rider, Tim Kellogg of Meeteetse, began selling homemade chocolates on weekends to bankroll his rodeo passion in 2004. Known by many as the “Meeteetse Chocolatier,” Kellogg now runs a shop on the little town’s main street seven days a week, drawing locals and tourists back again and again for his rich and creative flavor pairings. Rebecca Martinez interviewed him and produced this piece.